A Complete Platform to Grow Property Inventory. 

Powerful Data & Turnkey Marketing

Accurate & Easy-To-Use Property Data

Identify the right properties to target with your marketing.  We start at the source with public property records and deliver an easy-to-use interface that allows you to identify and target by direct mail, email marketing, social media, and phone.

Compelling Proposal Tools

Present projected revenue to homeowners in a compelling format with rich clear graphics. Stand out from the competition with revenue projections are based on well-thought-out factors specific to the property and the homeowner's objectives.

Powerful Owner Acquisition CRM

Built specifically for property managers, our integrated ContactPoint CRM is designed to help you attract and nurture prospective owners and convert them to your services. We'll set you up with marketing email, sales email, and landing page templates.

Turnkey Homeowner Marketing Solutions

Add our multi-channel marketing solutions based on your custom lists. We have multiple options to generate new leads using proven techniques. We've partnered with the industry's leading agencies to execute digital and direct mail marketing as part of an integrated campaign.


Grow Your Inventory, Grow Your Business

OwnerPoint Helps Find the Right Homeowners

There's nothing more valuable than your inventory of properties. A new property is worth more to a property manager than dozens and dozens of bookings! With so much property changeover happening now, there's no better time to invest in increasing your inventory.

County public property records are not designed for ease of use, and quite frankly can be overwhelming to deal with. OwnerPoint makes this data navigable, and appends the data to make it even more useful.

From there, our proposal tool makes impressive and customizable revenue projections as easy as a few clicks. Add in our marketing and CRM services for effective turnkey property acquisition campaigns.

Tools That Work Better Together

Use OwnerPoint's Full Suite for the Most Effective Acquisition Campaigns

Our tools our designed to compliment each other in multiple ways. Some useful ways to use our tools together include:

  • Create tags within the data manager to generate target lists for our turnkey direct mail campaigns.
  • Use OwnerPoint's proposal tool to generate rental projections to send to leads via OwnerPoint's CRM tools
  • Use email-appended data to target homeowners through digital marketing campaigns in conjunction with direct mail

Create Tags and Lists

Our data always starts with only owners who live elsewhere, we standardize the data to make it easily searchable and append the data from multiple reliable sources. Use our tags to narrow data further to market by whatever factors you desire such as:

  • Neighborhood or building
  • Recently purchased homes
  • Owners who live nearby
  • Condos with 2-4 bedrooms

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You Build the List, We Handle The Rest

Choose your target lists in our Property Data tool, and we'll handle the rest. We offer extremely competitive pricing on our proven direct mail property acquisition campaigns. Options include:

  • Trifolds
  • Jumbo Postcards
  • Letters and Splash Pages
  • Snap packs

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Generate Beautiful Rental Projections for Your Prospects or Realtor Referrals

Our easy-to-use and highly customizable Proposal Tool makes attractive and detailed rental proposals fast and easy. 

  • Customize seasons, owner use percentages, and more based on the client and market
  • Give transparent and accurate ranges for market conditions
  • Present data in a way that's easy to interpret.

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