OwnerPoint Pricing

The most cost effective way to target the most desirable properties in your market

Choose the Services That Work for YOU

Our services are built to work together, or to integrate seamlessly and improve your current owner acquisition initiatives either in-house or with an agency. Choose the services and add-ons that make sense for your business to run the most cost-effective growth campaigns.

Rentalz partners get even more out of our services, with a 33% discount for Rentalz Distribution Partners for subscription services.

  • Save time and money with turnkey owner acquisition from finding owners to nurturing leads
  • Use our templated designs for direct mail or digital marketing to compliment your campaigns
  • Impress to potential owners and real estate professionals with our user-friendly proposal tool
OwnerPoint Pro Connect
$598/month, $199 set up fee
$398/month,  $199 set up fee (Rentalz Distribution Partners)
  • Includes 4 Zip Codes
  • All of the Features of OwnerPoint PRO,  Plus Integrated ContactPoint CRM
  • Additional zip codes may be added at $69 per zip code per month or $49/month with Rentalz discount.  Additional Urban and Multi-location discounts available.
  • 6-month service agreement
* Daily update of sales available as part of "FirstContact" marketing services
OwnerPoint Professional
$299/month (Rentalz Distribution Partners)
  • Includes 3 Zip Codes
  • All of the Features of OwnerPoint Analyst PLUS
  • Daily update of new property sales*
  • Targeting Vrbo homeowners
  • Condo building profiles with Vrbo and absentee homeowner penetration
  • Identify and target investors of multiple properties
  • MLS Listings to target realtors with listings
  • Access to "First Contact" automated marketing service
    Additional zip codes may be added at $69 per zip code per month (Rentalz discounts apply to additional zip code data!).  6-month service agreement

    * Daily update of sales available as part of "FirstContact" marketing services


OwnerPoint Enterprise
Custom Pricing & Configuration

  • Custom subdomain
  • Multi-location configuration
  • Data siloing between destinations
  • Custom exports and custom integration with your CRM
  • 12-month agreement
 OwnerPoint ANALYST

  • View-only access to 100% of the residential property records in up to three (3) zip codes.
  • Detail analysis of market real estate supply - reflecting changing property valuation and transactions
  • Geographic and demographic analysis of property inventory ownership
  • 12 updates per year of county data.  
  • Unlimited searches, tags and filters

    OwnerPoint Analyst service does NOT include data downloads.


Promote your properties on Rentalz.com for added benefits

  • 33% discount on all subscription services
  • Additional distribution and service to attract homeowners
  • More direct bookings on a booking platform that is committed to helping property managers grow their business

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