Grow Property Inventory with OwnerPoint

The most cost-effective way to target the most desirable properties in your market

A Complete Property Growth Platform

OwnerPoint is the industry's leading platform to help property managers grow their inventory by identifying and targeting the most desirable properties. We start by giving you access to the most accurate property data in your territory, which we update 12x per year. OwnerPoint includes a complete marketing platform including direct mail, email marketing, a powerful CRM, digital marketing, and a compelling proposal tool.

OwnerPoint is one of many growth solutions that we offer, and if you elect to distribute your properties on we will discount your OwnerPoint subscription services by 33%. 


Use our templated designs for direct mail/digital marketing to complement your campaigns

Impress potential owners and real estate pros with our user-friendly proposal tool

Save time & money with turnkey owner acquisition, from finding owners to nurturing leads

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 Property Data
$133/month (Rentalz Distribution Partners)
  • 100% of the residential property records in up to three (3) zip codes.
  • Easy to target the most lucrative properties with on-point messaging
  • Ability to append records with homeowner email, phone , demographic and social-media profile
  • 12 updates per year of county data.  
  • Unlimited searches, tags and filters
  • Direct integration to CRM/Proposal Tool and marketing platform

    Additional zip codes may be added at $49 per zip code per month (Rentalz discounts  apply to additional zip code data!).
CRM/Proposal Tool
$133/month (Rentalz Distribution Partners)
  • Simplified and powerful CRM
  • Unlimited Pro Forma projections
  • Unlimited Service templates
  • Ability to co-brand proposals with real estate broker partners
  • Up to 5 users
 Property Data & CRM/Proposal Tool Bundle
$233/month (Rentalz Distribution Partners)
  • Bundle two popular services - Property Data & CRM/Proposal Tool at a discounted package price.
  • Five CRM/Proposal Users  
  • Unlimited property records
  • Unlimited searches, tags and filters
  • Direct integration to CRM and marketing platform
  • FREE advanced telephony solution with dedicated local phone number for owner acquisition marketing campaigns
  • FREE custom landing page with powerful marketing automation through HubSpot
  • FREE HomeSites website for each new home you onboard


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